The Aircraft

c/n 1      CF-BQC
August 1946 to June 1947 Registered to Fairchild Aircraft Ltd. (Canada)
June 1947 to April 1948 Registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario
April 1948 to April 1950 Registered to Imperial Oil Ltd.
April 1950 to February 1953 Registered to Queen Charlotte Airlines.
February 1953 to June 1954 Registered to Temiskaming Airways New Liskeard, Ontario.
June 1954 to January 1958 Registered to Universal Rentals Montreal, Quebec.
1954  While owned by Universal Rentals, It was operated by Spartan Air Service in the Norman Wells / Sawmill Bay, NWT. areas
January 1958 to May1960 Registered to Northland Fish
May 1960 to April 1964 Registered to Northland Airlines Ltd.
April 1964 to April 1967 Registered to Holiday Airways Red Lake, Ontario.
April 1967 to  (?)   Registered to E. Thurier Atikokan, Ontario
(?)  to 1973 Registered to Industrial Wings Service Vancouver, BC.
1973  Damaged beyond repair in a windstorm off the BC. coast.  Later salvaged and donated to the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It was placed in storage in a hangar in Gimli. Manitoba.  A tentative deal was made with Fondation Aerovision Museum, Saint Hubert, Quebec to trade for some certain artifacts.  The deal obviously didn't materialize. Later, the roof on the Gimli hangar developed problems and the aircraft was mover to outdoor storage in St. Andrews, Manitoba.
c/n 2      CF-EIL     C-GCYV
September 1946 to  (?)  Registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario.
(?)  Saunders Aircraft
(?)  WCAM
c/n 3      CF-EIM
January 17, 1947 to  (?)  Registered to Diversified Mining Industries (Canada) Ltd.
(?)  to  (?) Registered to Husky Aircraft.

1962  It was damaged in Vancouver, BC. on October 12, 1962 when it was overturned in the Fraser River by Typhoon Freda. It was salvagd and repaired by KCR ( Slim Knights, Don Cadenhead and Ron Rogers) then sold to Jack Anderson - North Coast Air Services, Prince Rupert, BC. for $30,000.

1962  Registered to North Coast Air Services, Prince Rupert, BC.
Februry 14, 1985  While attempting to land off Seal Cove, BC. under gusty conditions, the aircraft struck the water hard and both floats were torn off.  It sank in 50 meters of water.  It was later located, raised and transported to Vancouver, BC. by barge and then to the Canadian Museum Of Flight, White Rock, BC. 
c/n 4      CF-EIN
January 1947 to October 1951 Registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario.
Oct. 25, 1951  Severely damaged near Cochrane, Ontario when it stalled during a forced landing attempt.  Parts used to repair CF-EIO
c/n 5      CF-EIO
February 1947 to August 1950 Registered to Sherritt-Gordon Air Transport Ltd. Lynn Lake, Manitoba.
Aug. 6, 1950  Severely damaged by a wind storm while tied to the Sherritt-Gordon dock at Sherridon, Manitoba
c/n 6      CF-EIP
May1947 to May 1964 Registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario
Dec. 5, 1964  Damaged beyond repair near Ladner, BC.when it hit trees in a turn on a flight from Vancouver to Nicola Lake, BC.
c/n 7      CF-EIQ
May 1947 to December 1954 Registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario.
(?)  With Boreal Airways
1951  While taxiing at Ste-Falicien, Quebec, it's left wing struck the right wing of Norseman CF-ECD, causing significant damage.
1952  Sold to Austin Airways
Dec. 12, 1954  Destroyed  in an Aircraft Industries of Canada Ltd. hangar fire in St. Jean, Quebec.
c/n 8      CF-SAQ
1947 to  (?)  Registered Saskatchewan Government Air Ambulance Service.
1960s  To Parsons Airways Northern Ltd., Flin Flon, Manitoba
1966 or '67  Engine conversion by KCR Industries, Vancouver, BC.
1970 Design rights acquired by Industrial Wings, Ltd., a division of Harrison Airways, Richmond, BC.
(?) To West Coast Air Services Ltd., Richmond, BC.
April 1974 To Island Airlines, Campbell River, BC.
Jul. 17, 1976  Certificate lapsed. 
(?)  Island Air became part of Air BC.
Aug 1980  The aircraft was dismantled in Campbell River and donated to the Canadian Museum of Flight, White Rock, BC.
c/n 9      CF-MAN
August 1947 to  (?)  Registered to Manitoba Government Air Service, Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.
1969  With Rainy Lake Airways, Fort Frances, Ontario
1970  Bought by Harrison Airways, Vancouver, BC. for conversion to Alvis Leonides engine.
July 1979 to  (?)  Registered to Air North Charter and Training Whitehorse, Yukon.
July 31 1979  Severely damaged near Beaver River, Yukon when it hit trees in fog.
(?)  Salvaged by Western Canada Aviation Museum, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
c/n 10     CF-MAO
August 1947 to  (?) Registered to Manitoba Government Air Service Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba.
May 28, 1948  The aircraft suffered considerable damage in a landing accident at Obukowin Lake, Manitoba.  The aircraft hit hard on the right float, breaking the right float struts, then bounced and hit hard on the left float breaking the float struts on that side also  The aircraft then sank in ten feet of water.  The aircraft was salvaged, dismantled and placed on the shore.  The engine and other components were flown to Lac du Bonnet.  In the meantime, roads were hand cut between a series of small lakes to provide a path for moving the aircraft to the nearby Bisset mining road after freeze up.
Feb. 1949  The aircraft was loaded on sleighs pulled by a caterpillar tractor and transported to Lac du Bonnet via Bisset and Pine Falls, Manitoba.  Following repairs, it first flew on Aug. 2, 1950.
(?)  registered to Northland Fish Winnipeg, Manitoba.
(?)  Registered to Island Airways Campbell River, BC.
May 31, 1965.  During a training flight from Campbell River, BC. with two pilots on board, the aircraft entered a spin at low level and crashed into Discovery Passage.  Both pilots died.  The wreckage was later sunk near Ripple Rock in Seymour Narrows.
c/n 11     CF-EIS
September 1947 to  (?)  Registered to Lome Airways Toronto, Ontario.
(?) to July 1948 registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario.
(?)  Hall's Air Service  (?)
July 1, 1948  Destroyed at Chapleau, Ontario.  During Dominion Day celebrations, it took off with two female passengers, one of which had participated in the Summer Queen contest.  The Husky was observed to make several steep maneuvers.  At the top of a climbing turn, it stalled, flicked over the top into a right spin and went straight down into the marsh at Mulligan Bay.  All on board were killed.
c/n 12     CF-EIR
January 1948 to July 1951 Registered to Nickel Belt Airways Sudbury, Ontario
July 1951 to October 1953 Registered to C. A. Pitts General Contractor Ltd. Toronto, Ontario
October 1953 to 1962 Registered to Sherritt-Gordon Air Transport Ltd. Lynn Lake, Manitoba
1962 to 1967 Registered to Northland Airlines Winnipeg, Manitoba
1967 to 1968 Registered to Charlie Robinson.
1968 to 1976 Registered to Island Airways Campbell River, BC.
1976 to November 1976 Registered to Watson Lake Flying Services Watson Lake, Yukon.
November 1976 to March 1977 Registered to Island Airlines Campbell River, BC.
March 14, 1977 The aircraft departed Campbell River, BC. for Thurlow Island with 8 loggers on board.  When encountering low visibility in snow showers at Copper Bluffs, and attempting to turn around, the right wing contacted the water and the aircraft cartwheeled into the water.  The aircraft suffered a broken right wing strut, partially collapsed float struts and a damaged wing tip. The aircraft remained afloat and all occupants were rescued uninjured.  Though the aircraft was repairable, It was never returned to service.
(?)  Island Air became part of Air BC.
Aug 1980  The aircraft was dismantled in Campbell River and later donated to the Western Canada Aviation Museum in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It was later acquired by the Canadian Bushplane Heritage Museum in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  Is has been rebuilt and is on display in the museum.